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My Aunt Sally is a 2D digital, scrappy, mixed media, one stop animation shop. We make digital stuff with a handmade quality.

We do TV shows, short films, intros, adverts, website banners, whatever animated thing you want doing, we want to be doing it!


We are a small dedicated team committed to your project. If you have a big idea or you just want to make something for your business or loved one, then send us a message and we’ll have a chat to see what we can do!

My Aunt Sally has worked on RTÉ animated adult sitcom Ends Meet and with Disney XD on the short film Scoring Pointes. We are currently anticipating the release of our latest short film Combat Action Teenz in Kablam-mie Dodger! 

Keep 'em peeled for more and remember! : Bob's your uncle but Sally's your aunt...

Nieces + Nephews

GARETH LYONS is an animation Jack of all trades and a founder of My Aunt Sally. Director, Writer, Animator and Producer. Made 'Scoring Pointes' with Bec Hill for Disney XD and directed animated adult sitcom 'Ends Meet' for RTE.


Recently finished short 'Combat Action Teenz in Kablammie Dodger' coming to screens near you very soon. 

AOIFE BALFE is a real life artist based in Dublin. Since graduating from Animation at IADT in 2013, she has worked as a designer, illustrator and animator on a number of commercial projects, short films, real life artworks and zines. 


She also works educating young people, teaching workshops in primary and second level institutes as well as third level with her role as Design and Life drawing tutor in IADT.


MARK STOKES is a BCFE graduate who has been working in the animation industry for 5 years. Some of the productions he has worked on are 'Ballybraddan' and 'boygirldogcatmousecheese'.


He is a bit obsessed with bikes so please don't bring them up.

CAT O'BRIEN graduated IADT 2016 with a BA in Animation. Since then she has been working in TV animation (Ends Meet, Tot Cop, BoyGirlDogCatMouseCheese) with the occasional gig in short film and games.

Ironically, she's more of a dog person.

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